• Brand creation: Adam's Cold-pressed Chocolate
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Adam's Chocolate

Treat yourself better

Impressed by their motivation, ingenuity and unique product, we chose Adam’s Raw Chocolate as our Seed Fund winners in 2016. For Bristol based founders Adam and Mark, it all started when health issues prompted them to make a chocolate that nurtured your body and tasted amazing. Having discovered that rare and exotic ingredients could make this possible, such as cacao pods from the ancient Criollo tree, they were passionate about sharing it with the world.

Organic, cold-pressed and finely crafted, their brand required a sophisticated look to support its premium price tag. Highlighting the cold-pressing process and the rare ingredients were key. We based our design around an antique press with the rare Criollo tree growing lushly from one side and ingredients specific to each flavour sprouting from the other. The concept denotes these bold mineral-rich foods being compressed down through the Adam’s brand name to create the carefully cut squares of chocolate, glimpsed through the cacao pod shaped window. Hand-etched illustrations were created in-house at The Collaborators and appear on a dark backdrop of all-encompassing colour to represent the intense flavour hit and luxurious rich texture in every bite.

The bold style of the packaging carries right through to the website, where we could explore more unique ingredients and share Adam and Mark’s captivating journey to better chocolate.


Rebranding / Strategy / Graphic Design / Illustration / Packaging Design / Web Design / Logo Design / Food Branding

'People's diets can be massively improved by eating mineral rich raw foods like raw chocolate; we want to help people lead healthier lives.’ - Mark, Co-Founder Adam's Chocolate.