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Feel everyday wonderful

Boosh approached us to create a new website. Given that we don’t really do just websites, prior to our initial conversation with marketing manager Claire, we thought we would probably decline. Until that is, she explained that although Boosh had strong branding, there was very little depth to the brand itself. It piqued our interest and the conversations continued…

We agreed we would create a more motivating brand strategy that would help set Boosh up for greater success. And once in place, we would look to build a brand world and create new assets to help the brand thrive.

The health and wellness benefits of bone broth are well documented, but none of the available brands offered any more than a fact sheet of claims. Most concentrate on how to use the products with recipes and ideas for people to scratch cook. We needed to find a reason to buy bone broth regularly, or even on subscription. We wanted to make Boosh a brand that did more than talk food.

As a brand founded and run by women, with product benefits inherently beneficial to women, we set out to create a brand that would support women. We knew it could be done with authenticity and empathy, being based on a genuine desire to help women feel good about themselves.

We positioned Boosh as a brand that promotes wellbeing and open conversation about the difficult stages of life that so many women suffer in silence, from puberty to old age.

With this in place we created a vibrant world of brand assets, life affirming, full of positivity and complementary to the existing branding. And the jewel in the Boosh brand world crown? Its website. Created by us.


Brand Strategy / Brand Repositioning / Brand World

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