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Plant positivity

Clive’s have been quietly baking vegetarian and vegan pies, tarts and nut roasts for over 30 years, way before it was even fashionable. With consumer attention turning to all things ‘plant’, Esther and her team asked us to build them a brand with gusto, that could give Pieminster and Higgidy a run for their money.

After careful collaboration, we agreed a new positioning which included creating a fully vegan product line-up and broadening the brand’s appeal to anyone looking for a tasty and easy plant-based meal that won’t cost the earth. The positioning focused on ‘Plant Positivity’. The idea being that choosing Clive’s is positive for the consumer, positive for animals and positive for the planet.

With all the amazing plant-power tucked out of sight inside the pastry, we needed to find a way to bring it to the fore. In line with the client’s drive to be as transparent as possible, our in-house illustrator created a cross-section of each pie to proudly show the glorious, appetising plantiness waiting within. These bold illustrations create shelf impact – an element that was fundamental to the brief. And we also developed a fiercely upbeat tone of voice that delivers Clive’s ethical messaging in a wonderful, not worthy way.

Our new line, ‘Purely Plants’, replaces ‘Made with Love’, to firmly set Clive’s stake in the plant-based market, as well as making the brand instantly understandable on shelf.

With vibrant new packaging and a strong brand identity, it’s time for Clive’s to step out of the shadows and take the plant-based pie market by storm. We’re positive they’ll do splendidly.


Branding / Strategy / Packaging Design / Logo Design / Illustration

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