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Beyond biscuits

Percy’s Bakery – a family-run business specialising in premium sweet biscuits – had a familiar challenge. Like many food manufacturers that concentrate on own-label production, they were looking to create a brand that would eventually become the core focus of their business.

Marketing Director, Paul, knew we would need to positively disrupt the sweet biscuit fixture with a new premium brand fit for the next ten years, not just for the here and now.

Our primary task was to work with Percy’s to agree a strategy that would deliver against this forward thinking challenge, influencing everything from product, range and sales, to design and communication. We could then create a long-lasting brand to bring the strategy to life.

It was clear from the beginning that Percy’s wasn’t your average bakery. Liam, its founder and creative director had previously been a chef, not a baker, and everything the bakery made reflected how he looked at the world. Liam is a taste maker, not a biscuit baker, yet Percy’s brand story was reflective and traditional rather than forward looking.

We felt there was an opportunity to push the way we think about biscuits: to create a brand that is BEYOND BISCUITS.

This simple principle was the foundation of the strategy and all that followed. Out with the generic: family recipes, baking traditions and boring biscuit talk. In with a new name and the idea of raising the biscuit bar forever: Cuoco – created by a chef, not a baker, and born to be better.

The name Cuoco, (pronounced quo-co), comes from the Italian word for chef and was liked for its luxury chocolate connotations. The brand world and its language is simple, beautiful and timeless. The biscuits, exquisitely presented, are front and centre of the identity.

With a clear vision for the brand, and a striking identity, we’ve helped set the bakery on course for branded success. Here’s to the future of biscuits.


Brand Strategy / Brand Repositioning / Brand World / Brand Identity / Packaging Design

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