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Jamu Wild Water

Re-wilding for Kids

Tahi and Patrick found it really frustrating that children’s flavoured drinks are always a trade-off between a load of sugar on one hand, and artificial sweeteners on the other. They couldn’t find anything healthy and natural that their kids would enjoy and they’d be happy for them to drink – so they decided to make it themselves.

We were tasked with developing the brand strategy, visual identity and brand world for their new creation: Jamu Wild Water – a naturally flavoured sugar-free sparkling botanical water for pre-teen kids.

An imperative part of developing our thinking was getting to know Tahi and Patrick. We wanted to create a brand that naturally aligned with their personal beliefs and values. A proud Maori, Tahi grew up in New Zealand with a deep respect for nature and conservation. She and Patrick had a shared love of the outdoors and had moved from Bristol to Devon to bring up their kids. They felt very strongly that their children should connect with the land.

We also discovered shocking stats, painting a bleak picture of childhood today. Most notably: kids spend over six hours a day in front of a screen with just over an hour a day outside and have become disconnected with nature. Author Richard Louv coined the phrase Nature-Deficit Disorder to describe the psychological, physical and cognitive costs.

Founded on the belief that kids who connect with nature are happier, healthier and help the planet thrive, we built the brand around a clear purpose, “To reconnect kids with the magic of the natural world”. Our strategic foundations underpin every aspect of the brand and business and all touch points are about encouraging kids (and their parents) to make better choices for mind, body and planet through an interest in nature and outdoor play.

As brand guardians, we continue to work with Tahi and Patrick to re-wild kids, retailers, restaurants and cafes across the UK!



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