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Love Struck

An Appetite for Life

Richard built up Love Smoothies from a stall at Borough Market into a thriving business supplying gyms, cafes and hotels worldwide with his ‘frozen to fresh’ smoothie mixes. But the name had become problematic. Love Smoothies and Love Shakes were operating under the business name Love Taste. It was unwieldy, especially with ambitious plans for growth and new products that would confuse matters further. Also, being primarily B2B, the brand had become very functional and product-focused. With opportunities to develop the consumer brand, Richard turned to us for help. His brief: develop a multi-channel brand that he could be proud of, and also, solve the naming and hierarchal challenges.

The brand had a lot going for it, but tended to play up its natural, healthy and convenience credentials. Which was fine, except competitors did the same. The thing that stood out to us, was the team’s dedication to taste. They never compromise on ingredients and are obsessive about perfecting award-winning recipes, often with the help of a Michelin-star chef. Not to mention, the products are lip-smackingly good!

We created a positioning that would speak to the optimisers of this world – those who live well and have an appetite for life. We played up the joyous, mood-boosting, sensory experience of the products and helped position the brand as the taste-maker of the category.

The name was a tricky one to crack. Love Smoothies had built up a lot of equity and although Love Taste worked with the new positioning, it was too generic. We opted for Love Struck to convey the idea that once tasted, forever smitten. The positioning was brought to life with a joyful identity and brand world featuring fruit and natural goodness bursting out from each smoothie and shake, and a distinctive, more upbeat tone of voice.

With the world emerging from the pandemic and a new-found pride in the brand, Richard is now on a mission to spread the smoothie love. First stop, America!


Rebranding / Brand Strategy / Packaging Design / Brand World / Brand Identity

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