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Peak Spirit

Live life at your peak

Pharmacists by trade, husband and wife, Sunil and Nikki were already passionate about health. In their day-to-day lives, they noticed how nutritional advice often had as much impact on people’s wellbeing as prescribed drugs. Compounded by the birth of their children, they decided to harness their expertise to help people adopt a better way of living. Peak Spirit was born.

Launching as a subscription service of premium multi-nutrient supplements including immunity, cognitive health and energy, we were tasked with creating the brand in its entirety. We developed the name, brand strategy, identity, tone of voice, packaging and website.

Against a competitive set that was cold, functional and clinical, we wanted to create a lifestyle brand to help people feel their best everyday. The idea was to celebrate and support the human body in all its natural wonder.

The name and logo neatly capture the idea of aiming high and living life at your peak. On pack, a continual line illustration is reminiscent of a circuit board; it travels from the logo, taking paths to different activities and graphic illustrations of the key benefits. It also provides a broader visual brand language that can be used across the brand world.

Launched in 2020, Peak Spirit is already receiving rave reviews and adding a dose of natural energy to the supplements sector.


Branding / Strategy / Illustration / Packaging Design / Web Design

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