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Rave Coffee

No beards, no bravado

Vikki & Rob, owners of Rave, make great coffee, simple. They’re not sucked in by hipster barista fads or long-winded lingo. Instead they focus their attention on sustainably sourcing the finest beans, and roasting and grinding them in house with care and attention. Through a subscription model, they wanted to share this love of great coffee with as many people as possible and help turn coffee lovers into genuine coffee aficionados.

Our mission was to bring their ‘great coffee made simple’ ethos to life. So we developed a design concept based around ‘no jargon, no BS’. We got rid of the fluff and cut to the chase, creating copy-based packaging, which crossed out the coffee gibberish, leaving only need-to-know information pride of place. The bold, marker-pen handwriting and direct tone of voice, adds to the no-nonsense appeal, while the logo and registered trademark full stop acts as a sign off to underline the brand’s credentials.

We designed removable information labels that not only look good, but also offer a practical solution. Rave is able to create infinite types and blends of coffee, without having to print specific labels. The packers simply tick the relevant boxes, while consumers can also use the label to make their own tasting notes. The overall impression goes against the refined minimalist style and indulgent language of many trendy coffee labels and gives the brand a distinctive point of view.

With direct to consumer dialogue, we saw an opportunity to build brand loyalty through coffee education and simple perks. After all, through understanding comes true appreciation. So we developed monthly educational pieces including a wipe-clean kitchen brew guide, a map of where the coffee comes from and an insight into how coffee processing affects the flavour in the cup.

We’re excited to be part of Rave’s journey as it moves from being just about the coffee, to a fully-fledged brand that champions its customers, supports coffee-producing communities and cares for the planet.


Branding / Strategy / Graphic Design / Packaging Design / Logo Design

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