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Reel Fish

Thinking outside the can

The name says it all – The Reel Fish Co. is different from big-name tuna brands. Not only do they catch their tuna using innovative ethical methods, the quality and versatility of their product are second to none. They approached us to create a challenger brand and re-invigorate the tuna aisle with culinary creativity. Thinking outside the can, we created the ‘Fish Unlimited’ positioning and developed a vibrant design to appeal to a new generation of savvy mindful eaters who demanded more from brands. Our design was a feast of inspiration, with ingredients and meal ideas bursting out of a contemporary and eclectic logo. We developed a tone of voice that went beyond where tuna had gone before and designed a website and ad concepts which got the big supermarket buyers excited. With an energetic and creative brand, Reel Fish now has the power to make waves in the tuna aisle.


Rebranding / Strategy / Graphic Design / Illustration / Web Design / Logo Design / Food Branding

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