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Precious Pod

Mark and Ayleen of Natural Vitality are making good houmous, in fact, it’s so good many say it’s the best. But as we so often find, their focus was so engaged in making the best houmous possible that their packaging hadn’t had quite the attention it warranted.

During our early research, we discovered the wondrous chickpea pod, perfectly formed and only housing one or two peas. It seemed to reflect the meticulous care and attention that Mark and Ayleen put into all their houmous making and so it became the foundation of their new brand; The Precious Pod.

To ensure that the name literally stuck with consumers we created a pod-shaped cut out on the packaging and stickered the brand name onto each pot. So even when the product sleeve is thrown away the brand remains.

Replacing the previous oil with Extra Virgin Olive Oil was a strategic change and reinforced their positioning as 'Makers of gourmet houmous'. We used a gold foil to highlight this difference, another factor to elevate the range from competitors.

The range now sits proudly in retail chillers across the UK. From smaller independents to retailers such as Planet Organic and even Fortnum and Mason have taken a dip.


Rebranding / Strategy / Graphic Design / Illustration / Packaging Design / Structural Design / Web Design / Logo Design / Food branding.

We feel so lucky to have worked with the Collaborators, their creative and design skills have taken our company to a different level. They are a bunch of super talented professionals and very lovely people to work with. - Ayleen Driver, Owner, Natural Vitality Ltd.
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