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Butcombe Brewing Co.

Born to stand out

Butcombe Brewing Co. was founded in 1978, a time of cultural, social and political change, way before well-crafted beer was even called craft beer. Over time the originality of each individual beer had faded and the reasons to purchase one from the other were not clear.

The brief to the Collaborators was simple: create a new look identity across the business and its entire portfolio that allowed each brew to stand out on its own merit, but also retain key recognition as a Butcombe family member. In so doing, the goal was to broaden the brand’s appeal to a younger audience, without losing any loyal consumers.

We created the platform ‘born to stand out’, then looked to bring more meaning to the identity, which is used across pubs and products. Bristol has been central to Butcombe’s history and success since the beginning and we wanted to bring some acknowledgement of that loyalty to the brand.

We created a master brand identity and gave each product in the portfolio its own new distinct look and feel. From a simple and classic update for Original, to a more urban youthful rebrand for Bohemia, every brew has an individual story to tell.


Branding / Strategy / Graphic Design / Packaging Design / Brand World / Drinks Branding

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