Each month we pick three things that have inspired us. From art, design and branding, to food, drink and beyond… In the April edition: the definitive showcase of graffiti, pooch-designed Coronation beers and a Dove short film with a mascara-warning.

1. Beyond the Streets - Saatchi Gallery

Maya Hayuk

Alex, Director at The Collabs writes...

It’s fascinating to see how street art has crossed over from its counter-culture beginnings into a highly saturated global phenomenon. It’s also striking and slightly out of place seeing street art away from the streets and on the pristine white walls of the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea!

Despite this, the exhibition is a visual assault on the senses, combining artworks, installations, interactive exhibits and memorabilia into a fully immersive and full-on experience. It showcases the history of street art spanning six decades, multiple cities and 150 artists.

I found the timeline and evolution of graffiti particularly interesting and useful context for the rest of the exhibition. For example, I had no idea that the 'Chad' or 'What no?' drawings I doodled as a kid were inspired by the markings of Second World War American servicemen. I also liked the playful, anarchic social commentary of Duncan Weston aka PETRO, whose obsession with Ralph Lauren makes an interesting statement about the allure of luxury brands. There really is so much to see including work by legends of the street art scene such as Keith Haring, KAWS, Shepard Fairey, Todd James and Robert Del Naja (3D from Massive Attack). Interestingly, no Banksy though, (unless 3D is Banksy)???

Apparently, the gallery staff were originally dressed head to toe in Adidas (although not when I visited); a nod to the exhibition’s main sponsor and also the intertwining nature of street art and street wear. Plus, there are plenty of references to crossovers in the wider fashion and music worlds, demonstrating how urban art really has permeated the mainstream and become fully commercialised.

Overall, I found it stimulating, entertaining and vast! It's spread over three floors with art on every wall and installations at every turn. The promotional posters say it’s “the most comprehensive graffiti and street art exhibition to open in the UK". Aside from the obvious omission of Banksy, who am I to argue?

The exhibition is on until 9th May. Buy tickets here.

Futura 2000
Todd James
Shepard Fairey
Duncan Weston aka Petro

2. Aldi Coronation Best of British Craft Beers

With the King’s Coronation just over a week away, UK shelves are packed with Union Jack-clad brands jostling for our attention. Our recce of coronation-inspired product launches suggests a pretty low bar in terms of creativity. Which is why this month we wanted to call out Aldi’s celebration British craft beers, brewed in partnership with the Freedom Brewery. Dubbed “Four Beers for the King!” and featuring a regal-looking King Charles Cavalier spaniel draped in Royal attire, we’re loving the humour and the fact that the range does something a bit different than slapping a flag on the pack.

4 Beers Version 2 Blog 1

3. Dove "Cost of Beauty"

The latest Dove video is incredible. Shocking, emotional and very much needed, ‘Cost of Beauty’ details the real-life consequences of unregulated, unrealistic social media beauty standards on young people’s mental health and wellbeing. It follows the story of Mary and her journey through the various stages of an eating disorder.

For the last two decades, Dove has campaigned for real beauty with campaigns such as #NoDigitalDistortion and Reverse Selfie, but in a recent study it found that eight out of ten mental health specialists say social media is fuelling a mental health crisis.

Alongside the new short film, Dove has partnered with Lizzo and non-profit organisations Common Sense Media and ParentsTogether Action to push for the 2023 Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA) – a bill designed to limit children’s online exposure to toxic beauty content. Viewers are encouraged to visit Dove’s website to sign a petition in support. We would encourage you to do the same: Dove US

Caution: Sensitive content. This film features real stories about body appearance that may be upsetting to some viewers.
Dove Reverse Selfie