Each month we pick three things that have inspired us. From art, design and branding, to food, drink and beyond… Welcome to the May edition.

1. Stupots Pottery Studio

Our new obsession: pottery! We’ve been hooked on the Pottery Throw Down for years, but this month we were able to get hands-on at Stupots Pottery Studio just outside Bristol.

We had mess, mishaps, mindfulness and plenty of double entendres trying to master the wheel…but by the end of the afternoon, we’d all managed to craft something passable, and in some cases, downright fabulous. Keith Brymer Jones would have been in tears!

Check out: Stupots Pottery Studio


2. British Vogue: Reframing Fashion

British Vogue caught our eye this month with its historic portfolio edition. With writer and disability activist Sinéad Burke as Consultant Editor, five different covers featured disabled changemakers: Ellie Goldstein, Aaron Rose Philip, Selma Blair, Justina Miles and Sinéad herself.

featured image v3

Every aspect of the May edition was curated and managed for maximum accessibility and to highlight themes of disability visibility, justice, equity, intersectionality and pride; from the choice of writers, talent, disabled representation behind the camera and studio venue, down to the creation of a physical and digital Braille edition, (which, in partnership with the Royal National Institute of Blind People, will be extended to all editions for the next 12 months).

Images from: Tilting the Lens | Photography by: Adama Jalloh

Blog post collage 1 1024x427 1
L-R: Jessikah Inaba, Christine Sun Kim, Musa Motha
Blog post collage 2 1 1024x427 1
L-R: Nicolas Hamilton, Rosie Jones, Fats Timbo
Blog post collage 3 1024x427 1
L-R: Reuben Selby, Dr. Rosaleen McDonagh, Ellie Goldstein
Blog post collage 4 1024x427 1
L-R: Selma Blair, Trifle Studio, Sinéad Burke

3. Wise Wolf

Our pick of F&B this month is French wine trio, Wise Wolf, launched last year by Accolade Wines. On a recent trip to the supermarket, Design Director, Ben, was so impressed by its disruptive styling that he bought all three varietals. It was only later that he discovered its eco credentials...

Everything from the shape, materials and product sourcing have been considered to reduce environmental impact. We particularly like the fact that the packaging is made from 95% recycled materials and can be recycled again; and the straightforward website design makes it “cleaner than 86% of other websites”.

Crucially, Ben says the wine tastes great too!

Find out more at: Wise Wolf

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