• Brand creation: Boundless Activated Nuts & Seeds
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An intrepid pursuit of the extraordinary.

When local businesswoman Cathy Moseley approached us with her product, she really made an impression. Bold, memorable and refreshing, her activated nuts and seeds were just as impactful as she was…and we were keen to help straight away. Cathy and co-founder Katie had been running a street food stall when they came up with the idea of a healthy snack that really packed a punch. Together they wanted to challenge and disrupt the health snack category with an alternative to bland holier-than-thou munchies.

We were tasked with creating a stand out identity from scratch, along with distinctive packaging and web presence. Cathy and Katie’s fierce flavours such as Tamari and Aleppo Chilli meant a bold approach was in order. Their special soaking and roasting technique based on Aboriginal activation methods inspired a contemporary tribal look. Colourful mask graphics were created to incorporate the Syrian, Polynesian and North American flavour influences. To add edge, single serve packs were designed to literally have a glint in their eyes. Printed on silver foil, a section of the eye featured in each mask design remains print free to allow a slither of silver to shine through.

Vivid, fun and surprising, the Boundless brand is already turning heads, with Wholefoods first in line to stock these health snacks with attitude.


Branding / Strategy / Graphic Design / Illustration / Packaging Design / Web Design / Logo Design / Food Branding

From the minute we meet the Collaborators team we knew that we were in the best hands. There ability to bring your story to life was amazing and a real life changing moment for Boundless. The creativity they inject into your brand feels like you are walking through a film set of your story that comes to life around your very eyes with each step. Boundless would not be what it is today without the Collaborators, their exceptional artistic talent and vision for your brand is second to none. Every inch of the way they have guided, advised and been a sounding board, no Branding agent could give more, they really give you a piece of them. Boundless would not have the future it has without any of them, for that we will we be eternally grateful!