Exton Park, Hampshire

Unbound by convention

Exton Park, a 60-acre single-estate Hampshire vineyard, has been a pioneer in unlocking the full potential of English sparkling wine since 2011. With an impressive library of reserve wines meticulously built up over the years, the team introduced Reserve Blend in 2020 – a non-vintage range and the embodiment of Exton Park’s signature style.

In preparation for a series of very exclusive limited releases over the coming years, we were entrusted with developing both the brand and visual architecture systems. It involved defining the ranges, their hierarchies and the contribution each one makes to master brand values. We also established the aesthetic principles for each range, exploring their relationship with Reserve Blend and establishing how the portfolio fits together as a family.

The first expression we developed and implemented – the 2014 Blanc de Blancs – showcases Exton Park’s unique Hampshire terroir and the synergy between grower and wine maker. Later this year, the much-anticipated 2014 sea-aged Blanc de Blanc will also be unveiled. Aged at 60m below sea level and available in very limited quantities, it promises to be a unique and exciting experience for discerning wine enthusiasts.

Exton Park Team

The Collaborators have understood and built on everything we’ve done as a brand so far. They reframed our positioning so that it makes sense across our portfolio and in turn, this has led to some really strong design ideas.

Exton Park Sea-Aged
Exton Park Vintage 2014
Exton Park Vintage BdB 2014