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Bean to bar super chocolate

Richard was experimenting in his kitchen back in 2007 when he discovered the super-food status of cacao. He was amazed that something so nutrient-dense had become commoditised junk food. Determined to change the way people see chocolate, he created Ombar – a super chocolate in every sense; rich, indulgent, organic, paying higher than Fair Trade prices and keeping temperatures low to retain cacao’s natural goodness. Fast-forward to 2020 and the brand had become a hit with ethical consumers. However, many of the things that had always been at the heart of Ombar had started to permeate the mainstream… Richard wanted to reassert the brand’s credentials and reach a wider audience. He asked us to help him.

We were tasked with developing Ombar’s brand world and re-launching the website to communicate all of its amazing benefits and bring the brand story to life. Research had shown that it was perceived as authentic, verging on worthy. We needed to inject some personality and bring chocolate joy to the brand.

Working with the idea of ‘super chocolate’ and the look of the existing packaging we developed a concept that accentuated Ombar’s super powers. We took the fun, retro vibe of South American street art and mixed it with the cool modular aesthetic of classic graphic novels.

This vibrant new look, matched by a playful tone of voice has brought the brighter, more joyful world of Ombar and its mission to life: a fitting brand style for the bar that raises the bar.


Branding / Brand World / Graphic Design / Web Design / Illustration / Food Branding

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