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White Rabbit Pizza Co

Italian with Edge

When Teo and Nick from White Rabbit first approached us for help they already had a successful business. But with ambitious growth plans ahead, they wanted to make sure their brand was in the best possible shape.

They loved their packaging, but wanted to know that as they ramped up distribution with new products and stockists, they were building strong brand equity, both physically and emotionally.

Working together, we came to the conclusion that although the current brand told their story of starting the business in The White Rabbit pub, it was not making the most of their authentic Italian credentials. Italian founder and chef Teo had worked so passionately to create a genuine Italian pizza, it seemed madness not to reflect this in the brand.

We also knew that as a brand specialising in dietary choices (gluten free and/or vegan ) we had to deliver clarity around the offer, but still feel 100% inclusive. This is food that lets everyone join in, rather than leaving anyone out.

And finally, as a young business we wanted to introduce a new generation to the joy of Italian food with a fresh and distinctive style, and without resorting to the classic Italian symbols of gondolas or Vespas: Italian with Edge.

We took Nick and Teo on a journey from small change to complete leap and to their credit they didn’t need much convincing to be brave.

The brand we re-created has a firm nod to where they started, but now has a youthful, Italian foodie playfulness that has been a joy to work with.

We can’t wait to see where our Italian adventures will take us next!


Branding / Strategy / Packaging Design / Rebrand

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