Each month we pick three things that have inspired us. From art, design and branding, to food, drink and beyond… Welcome to the August edition.

1. Recommended podcast: The Banksy Story

This month Caroline has been enjoying a podcast series about how Banksy evolved from a secretive street artist into an international icon:

James Peak isn't an art critic, or even a journalist; he's a Banksy super-fan. In his 10-episode podcast, he and his soundman Duncan get up close to Banksy's secret world, telling the story of the hood-rat graffiti kid who made spraying walls into high art; the household name who is completely anonymous; the cultural phenomenon who bites the hand that feeds him; and the pride of Bristol.

Across the series, James persuades a member of Banksy's secret team from the early days to talk about the experience.

The story is a roller coaster ride… giving insights into the genius mind of an artist who stands for social injustice, mixes dark humour with anti-establishment, and the cheeky heists that have gained Banksy notoriety along the way. So many great anecdotes!

Available on BBC Sounds or anywhere you get your podcasts.

Banksy 1a
Bansky 3
Banksy 4
Banksy 2
Banksy 5
Banksy 6

2. Heinz Culinary Tomatoes: ‘Open Sauce for Cooking Developers’

It’s great to see big brands being inventive and playful. Heinz has just launched a new ‘Culinary Tomatoes Collection’ accompanied by a brilliant campaign and competition inviting cooks of all abilities to elevate any meal using the new range.

Dubbed ‘Open Sauce for Cooking Developers’ it starts with a classic pizza sauce for beginners, tomato bases for cooking sauces for intermediates and chopped and peeled tomatoes for pro-level cooks.

Not only do we love the packaging, which is both unmistakably Heinz and authentically foodie, but the campaign is beautifully styled too, extending across out of home, social channels and in-store. Now that’s what we call a FSDU!

Heinz1 1
Heinz2 1
Heinz3a 1

3. TrueStart Coffee

This month we wanted to give a shout out to TrueStart coffee. Not only is it our house cup of joe, it’s also delicious, healthy, ethical and a fellow Bristol business.

In 2015, husband and wife team, Simon and Helena were drinking a lot of coffee! But it didn’t always give them the boost they needed, in fact sometimes it made them feel pretty rough. It was then that they discovered that caffeine levels in coffee can vary massively; and they set about sourcing a healthy coffee with consistent levels of caffeine, designed to make people feel good every time.

And that’s exactly what they’ve achieved. TrueStart is a lab-tested super clean coffee, packed with antioxidants, minerals and ‘positive energy’ (we can vouch for that)! It’s B Corp certified, carbon negative and an all-round brilliant business. We absolutely love their coffee and everything they stand for!