Each month we pick three things that have inspired us. From art, design and branding, to food, drink and beyond… Welcome to the July edition.

1. Imbibe Live

This month saw the UK drink industry’s annual get together at Imbibe Live. Although understandably smaller than other years, it’s quality not quantity that counts!

Our biggest observation was the ever-increasing shift towards conscious consumption in terms of health and wellbeing but also reducing environmental impact.

Of course, No and Low is not new news, but it felt much more mainstream and diverse this year with start-ups like Mola Chill Drinks (CBD), joining more established brands such as Trip, L.A. Brewery and Remedy Kombucha.

We’ve been big fans of Everleaf for a long time and it was great to see such a busy stand and people engaging with their nationwide spritz competition final.

Entries were asked to showcase combinations of flavours, aromas, textures, and presentations, which would take judges on a journey through the natural world. The three finalists presented their cocktails during Imbibe with stand visitors asked to vote for their favourite. The eventual champion, (also our favourite), was ‘Super Olive’ by Alessandro Todini from Seed Library in London. It used Everleaf Marine, dashi and olive cordial; and Mediterranean tonic.

TC Imbibe1

As we work towards B Corporation Certification, it was encouraging to see established brands and challengers alike, pushing new boundaries and striving to make the industry more sustainable and equitable. We saw more purpose-led B Corp businesses like the beautiful Beesou, an all-natural, bitter honey aperitif on a mission to support ethical beekeeping in the UK. Pernod Ricard’s stand, ‘Bar World of Tomorrow’, showcased Absolut’s paper bottle and we discovered family-owned Herefordshire farmers-turned-distillers, Penrhos Spirits. They use imperfect ‘rejected’ fruit for their gins and liqueurs and have pioneered the world’s first 100% recycled and fully recyclable aluminium bottle. We loved their Wonky Rhubarb Gin!

One of our highlights of the show was Organic French vodka Le Philtre, (served in Air France First Class no less). Structurally, the bottle is stunning – it is seductive, tactile and demands attention. Part of its allure is the striking array of bottle colours that range from sapphire to emerald – all made from recycled transitional glass that would otherwise go to waste because of the inconsistencies of glass colour. It’s a genius move that makes a selling point out of something that would normally be seen as a negative – check out the video to learn more. The brand also provides 5L Bag in Box formats for the trade, refill schemes and a host of other environmental initiatives. Importantly, it's a great vodka too – clean, bright and very smooth. Génial!

TC Beesou
TC Le Philtre

2. Fiat | Operation No Grey

Times are tough. We all need a lift. According to Wunderman Thompson, we’re entering the “Age of Re-enchantment’ – a time to celebrate the thrilling, the uplifting, the awe-inspiring, and the magical. Its research suggests that people are feeling a sense of absence that’s hard to define. More than three-quarters of people now say they “just want to feel something, to feel alive” and a similar number say they feel like they are waiting for something good to happen.

Enter car manufacturer, Fiat! It’s on a mission to “inspire people to live with optimism and positivity”. From June this year, the brand will no longer produce cars in grey. Not for lack of demand, (it’s the UK’s most popular car colour), but because the colour doesn’t align with its new ‘Dolce Vita’ values. Instead, all of its current and future vehicles will only be available in bright colours inspired by the Italian way of living – the sea, sun, earth and sky. And evocative names such as, ‘Sicilia Orange’, ‘Passione Red’ and ‘Venezia Blue’ add a little extra sparkle of joy.

3. jAGA x Gone Rogue

To end this month’s instalment, we are sharing a product we love… and it just happens to be another drinks brand… This time it’s in the form of jAGA alcohol-free, nootropic sodas in collaboration with global art curators and online gallery, Gone Rogue. They have a shared mission to make art accessible to all. They love the idea of decorating something that would normally be thrown away and turning it into a beautiful piece of art that can be kept forever.

Their first featured artist is Margate-based, Margo Mc Daid. Continuing the theme of uplifting positivity, Margo’s work reflects her love of all things bright and optimistic, and her belief that art should bring us daily joy.

We couldn’t agree more and these beautiful cans do just that! We LOVE this collab and can’t wait to see what’s next.

TC Jaga
TC Jaga2
TC Jaga3