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Mia & Ben

A fresh start in life…

Entrepreneurs Daniel and Karina are on a mission to give baby taste buds the healthy flavours they need to grow properly. Using HPP technology they have developed a range of fresh baby food kept in the fridge rather than standard long-life purees in the ambient aisle which are unnaturally sweet.

From the outset, we decided we didn’t want to talk ‘gaga’ to parents. We developed a bright illustrated style that was both naïve yet sophisticated, to appeal to savvy grown-ups tired of childish baby food brands. We also developed a distinct tone of voice, based on the current generation of Instagram parents who share realistic, funny and honest views on parenting.

Our pack designs focused on an illustrated market stall, with optimistic blue skies and the ingredients as the stars. The fresh blends are more naturally vibrant than competitors, so we included a window in the pack so the product could be seen. For the website, we evolved the market stall into a wider scene that incorporated more characters, nature and ingredients. Using elements from this bigger world, we created an animated film about the innovative HPP technology used to make the product.

Mia & Ben are off to a great start, having secured fridge space in Sainsbury's, Dunnes and listings in Ocado and Abel & Cole. All fresh, no fuss, here’s to the next generation of healthy taste buds.  


Branding / Strategy / Graphic Design / Packaging Design / Web Design / Logo Design / Food Branding

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