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Thanks For Franks

Handmade Gluten Free Granola Bars

The first time we tried Frank’s Gluten Free Granola bars we knew he was onto a winner. However, the packaging was severely underselling the product inside. It was in desperate need of a rebrand.

There's no compromise with the way Frank creates his recipes and we knew that it was incredibly important that the packaging design also reflected this uncompromising approach. Using vibrant, rich colours and bold messaging we bucked the free-from trend of ‘better for you’ style language and muted colour palettes.

Our patterns were inspired by Frank’s penchant for a flamboyant shirt and the stories of his travels across America. Each flavour’s illustration draws reference to part of his elaborate journey, humorously conveying the brand story.

The resultant work has lead to multiple new listings, a new distribution contract and a flurry of international interest. Thanks for Frank’s is finally wearing the clothing it deserves.


Rebranding / Strategy & Positioning / Graphic Design / Illustration / Packaging Design / Structural Design / Logo Design / Web design / Digital marketing / Food branding.

I had the good fortune to meet David and Jayne from The Collaborators some 3 months ago. I saw the designs created by the team for an assortment of well-known names which clearly stood out in their style and content. I knew that they could make my products look as good as they taste. My brand now proudly sports a head turning, unique and show-stopping story about me and my search for quality. I am a very lucky guy to have met The Collaborators. They know how to make products that taste great, look brilliant. - Frank Boltman
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